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The Beer Market Report 2016

Dai Howells

The global beer market is entering into exciting new territory. Although global consumption volumes are waning slightly, craft beer is going from strength to strength as beer drinkers hone their taste buds and support their local brewer.

But where are the global brewing superpowers? Where is the most beer brewed, and how is the European market looking?

How does beer shape up against the likes of spirits and wine? What about cider, one of the fastest-growing alcohol trends in North America?

How strong is the average brew? As consumption volumes fall is ABV rising, or do people today want to keep it session?

To answer these questions and more, we have collated stats, facts and figures from around the world to provide a global snapshot of the beer market of 2016. It shows everything you need to know about what beer is brewed around the world and just how much it costs.

Beer Market 2016 Report


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