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How to get the best wine delivery system

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Have you heard about the latest wine trend? It isn’t a cool summer rosé or a hot new fizz - it’s wine on tap.

As more and more restaurants and bars switch to wine on tap to improve the customer experience by offering a wider range of high quality premium wines by the glass, as well as house wines, producers and distributors are moving away from traditional glass bottles to PET kegs which fit on to existing filling lines and pumps.


The benefits don’t stop there. Thanks to the properties of PET, wine that goes into a petainerKeg™ rather than bottles is kept in perfect condition for over twelve months - so the last glass is as fresh as the first.

It also saves distributors like Roberson wine money, thanks to shipping efficiencies which are twice that of bottles, reduces waste and has helped open up new markets and opportunities for producers: "It’s twice as efficient for us to palletize and ship wine in petainerkegs as it is in bottles” said Adam Green, Roberson Wine, London.

We are passionate about packaging and you are passionate about wine – it’s a match made in heaven.  Find out more about how petainerKeg™ can help you!


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