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The Just Brewing Company tells us all about BrauBeviale

Petainer . BrauBeviale

This year’s BrauBeviale has been and gone and as always we had a fantastic time at the event. As well as meeting hundreds of brewers from across the world during the three days, this year we were also really pleased to invite along our competition winners, The Just Brewing Company from South Africa. Owners Julian and Wendy Pienaar won our Brau Beviale competition and bagged a VIP trip to the exhibition. We caught up with them to find out how they got on.

Wendy and Julian from Just Brewing at Brau Beviale with Petainer

Tell us about your time at BrauBeviale…

Each day was a new experience - we really had to focus on what was required for our brewery and new ideas we thought the brewers back home could benefit from.

On day 1, we met with Petainer. It was great to meet the whole team. We already use the products and thought we were pretty clued up on them but this was the first time we had a chance to see the whole range and chat to the team about some exciting new developments that we may see in the future. It was also interesting to learn about the other breweries using PetainerKegs around the world.

We networked with some suppliers on new products we had not yet seen in South Africa and asked if they had plans to ship to us soon. We also managed to get some new hop samples from the USA and enjoy some great beer!

On day two our focus shifted more towards packaging and equipment and on day three we found a stand that did mobile yeast testing for yield and viability. It worked with a mobile phone; by taking five images of your yeast sample the app can calculate your sample. A large number of breweries in South Africa do not have access to a lab and this device would definitely help. We also spent time with some dispensing manufacturers finding new ways of filling bottles and growlers.

How do you think your business will benefit from you having attended BrauBeviale?

We’re using the information gained to work on new plans for the brewery to make it more efficient and profitable. We’ve also made some great contacts and hope to get involved in bringing their products to South Africa so that the brewing industry, as a whole, can take advantage of some of the exciting ideas out there!

Keg-tastic at Brau Beviale 2016

Did it live up to your expectations?

We were not sure what to expect as we had never been to BrauBeviale before. We were really blown away by the actual size of the show, it took us much longer to get everything done that we wanted to. You really need to focus and plan what you need to look at and do. It was surprising how much stuff is out there and just how limited our exposure is in South Africa. All in all, we had an awesome time and there definitely was a lot to take away.

What are the key three things you will take away from BrauBeviale?

  1. The beer world is growing at an incredibly fast rate.
  2. Don’t give up! There are a lot of great people out there who have faced the same issues as you and have creatively overcome those issues.
  3. South African brewers are very sheltered from the global world of brewing and we need more exposure to other ideas!

 Watch Julian and Wendy's diary of their experience from all three days of BrauBeviale on our YouTube channel! You'll also a find a whole host of videos from the event.


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